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A collection of progress shots throughout my fitness journey. From over-weight, to under-weight, from weak to strong, from self conscious to confident, here I share with you every stage of my progression!


I always get the "...but you looked fine in the before picture" comment. Yes, I was never over weight but I didn't take care of myself. I would eat and drink everything in sight not thinking twice about it. It's not always about what you see on the outside. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin so I decided to make a change and haven't looked back since.


Heaviest I've been, lightest I've been and the strongest I've been. I'll choose the stronger one any day of the week! Our bodies are capable of SO much. Believe and you will achieve. It won't happen over night but it WILL happen if you put your mind to it. I use this as motivation to keep going. I try to better myself as a whole instead of focusing on the things I don't like about myself. This is how you learn to love yourself at every stage.


Yes. It IS possible. Our bodies are capable of so much and with some hard work and consistency, you can achieve your goals. But you have to remember to make realistic goals, remind yourself that results won't happen over night and if you believe you will achieve. This has taken me 3 years and if I thought I'd get these results in a few months I would have quit a long time ago. Keep going. You will get to where you want to'll see.


For the longest time I just wanted to be skinny. After a lot of hard work, I reached the number on the scale that was suppose to be where I was finally happy with my body but I wasn't. That was because the thought of wanting to be "skinny" had become an obsession. I only started loving my body when I finally realized that we aren't defined by a number whether that be the scale or the size of our pants. Instead, we need to understand that we are always a work in progress and no matter where we are on our journey, we should be happy and confident with who we are. If you haven't seen results in a while or feel like quitting, just remember not to be too hard on yourself and that you WILL get there.


Why not you? What's holding you back from making the impossible, possible? For me it was understanding that time will pass whether or not I workout and eat healthy. 6 months from now you can be a healthier, stronger, leaner and happier you or you can push your goals until "tomorrow". 6 months sounds like forever away but I promise you will thank yourself for starting. Are you inspired to be fit? If so, prove it to yourself!


Hesitated to post these before picture but I always want to be real with you all and I think you ladies will appreciate the fact that with lots of hard work and dedication, you can improve on the areas that you are self conscious about. One thing I have learned is that lifting weights will NOT make you bulky. Trust me!! Start lifting weights and you will be shocked by the results. I still have cellulite and stretch marks and that's ok, but they have definitely decreased since changing my diet and lifting weights!

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