How To Grow Your Booty!

A popular question that i get is “how did you slim your legs?”. To me, that is such a compliment because my legs have ALWAYS been a struggle area for me. Its the first place the fat decides to camp out on my body and i hate it! Considering it has been my trouble area forever, its going to be extra hard to shed that fat. They have shrunk significantly over time but there’s still a while to go for my legs and booty. Its all about learning to burn fat and replace it with lean muscle. This means working out the hamstrings, quads, glutes etc. There are many exercises you can do to achieve this.

Rule Number 1:

You CANNOT spot reduce. This is so so SO important. It’s a huge misconception for lots of ladies. I get so many questions about losing weight in specific areas like the arms, legs, love handles etc. There is no possible way to focus on losing fat in certain areas. Sure, you can gain muscle just about anywhere, but when it comes to fat percentage, you cant decided where you will lose and where you will stay. (sorry for those girls who are afraid to lose their chest when they start working out. Whats more important? Your health or your boobs?) When you workout, just trust the process and eventually your struggle area will start to slim.

Rule Number 2:

Go heavy or go home. You are not going to make any progress if you are not challenging yourself enough. I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t feel pain for the last 3 reps, you are not going heavy enough. If the next day you can still walk, you are not going heavy enough. Every time you train your legs you should be focusing on increasing the weight a little bit each time. If you are consistent, you will have strong and sexy legs, guaranteed. Always make sure that you are doing the exercises properly so you don’t hurt yourself.

Rule Number 3:

Afraid you will bulk? That is a totally valid point. Many girls are worried that when they workout legs they will get big and bulky. One thing to remember is that if you naturally have big legs, they will never be stick thin. That’s just the way your body was designed. If having stick thin legs runs in your family, don’t expect them to grow significantly without supplements. Know your body and never get upset if you don’t have the thigh gap. I will never have a thigh gap. My pelvic bone is set in a way that when i put my feet together, my knees touch. Am i upset that you wont be able to see through my legs? NO. Because that’s how i’m built and i’m over it. There are exercises that you can do that will help slim your legs while sculpting them. Keep reading. 

Here are a list of exercises that you can do to help BUILD MUSCLE. You can choose any of these and create a little workout plan for yourself. Do 3 sets and 10 reps of each. When building muscle you want to exhaust the muscle as much as you can. This means doing 3 sets consecutively with a 1 minute break in between. Choose 5 exercises with 3 sets for each with high weights. If you want to TONE THE MUSCLE that you already have and shed the fat around it, you should create a circuit workout. This means choosing 5 exercises and going through them as fast as you can with no breaks making sure you keep your heart rate up. Repeat the circuit 3 times. Which ever way you decide to do it, you will feel it the next day, i promise :)


a. Sumo Squat - To do inner thigh squats, take a wide stance with your toes pointed outwards

b. Outer Thigh Squat - To do outer thigh squats, place your feet a together

c. Over-Head Squat

d. Jump Squat



a. Sumo Deadlift - Focuses on the inner thigh

b. Stiff Leg Deadlift - Focuses on the hamstrings

c. Single Leg Deadlift



a. Bulgarian Lunge/Split Squat

b. Reverse Lunge - Take a step backwards to lunge

c. Side Lunge


Machine Exercises:

1. Leg Extensions

2. Hamstring Curl

3. Seated Leg Press

4. Incline Leg Press

5. Abductor (Outer Thighs)

6. Adductor (Inner Thighs)


Floor Exercises: (20-30 reps each leg, no weights necessary but leg weights are highly recommended- really good for toning)

1. Side Leg Raise

2. Leg Raise

3. Glute Pulse - (Hold and pulse)

4. Fire Hydrant

5. Donkey Kick


Boot Camp: (20-30 reps or 1 minute in length - really good for slimming)

1. Step Ups

2. Jumping Jacks

3. High Knees

4. Standing Donkey Kicks

5. Box Jump

6. Burpees

7. Skip Rope


All of these exercises work your leg as well as many other parts of your body. Your glutes definitely benefit from most if not all of these workouts. You lower and upper back, abs, core and arms get an amazing workout too! I hope you all found this helpful and will include these in your workouts!

Stay Inspired!


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This article was perfect /
- I think this is how we should teach people and I enjoyed someone similar to myself just sharing some good training advice, some common sense and not helping to grow and false fantasies. I’m just an ex dancer who doesn’t want to lose her walk in heels booty, pole dance body and headed toward 40 so I don’t my chest to drop or .. anything else and deadlifts and squats seemed like a great routine to keep adding to my days. I do butt squeezes when I’m driving sometimes.. I work out randomly and routinely and so your article made me smile and feel continued motivation. Thank you ! Wendy Waddell.


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