Do It For The BOOTY! | Glute & Leg Workout

Follow my top tips and tricks on how to finally build a booty! I will also be sharing a super challenging booty and leg workout to help you grow that peach.

Don't forget:

  1. You cannot spot reduce
  2. It takes time
  3. Go heavy or go home
  4. You must eat to grow

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Drop Set: Drop sets are when you do an exercise with a weight then “drop” that weight, pick up a lighter weight and continue the exercise.

Superset: A superset is when one set of an exercise is performed directly after a set of a different exercise without rest between them.

5-10 minutes on the stairmaster or machine of choice

Resistance Band Warm Up
- Lateral Kick x20 each leg
- Kick Back x20 each leg
- Walking Side Squat x20 steps
- Static Squat Knee Pivot x15 each leg
- Static Glute Bridge x30 seconds
- Full Extension Glute Bridge x20
x 2

Static Goblet Squat Drop Set
1. 35 lbs x 10
2. 30 lbs x 10
3. 25 lbs x 10

Bulgarian Lunge x10 each leg
Cable Kick Back x10 each leg (5 straight leg, 5 bent leg)
x 3

* Make sure with the kick backs you have a micro bend in your knee. Always keep your core tight and engaged to protect your back.

Assisted Pull-Up Kick Down x 10
Hip Thrusters x 10
x 3

Roll it out!

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