Hi! My name is Ronnie Friedman or better known as, Inspired To Be Fit!

Inspired To Be Fit started as a personal fitness blog in December 2012 as a source of inspiration. Something that would help me get my butt off the couch and to the gym. I had a goal, I just needed a little push. I would log my meals, workouts, selfies (of course), as well as quotes and fit facts. Over time my account grew a large following. I quickly realized that this account was no longer just my own, but was a source of inspiration for many other determined individuals. 

I designed a fitness clothing line for those who are looking to change their lifestyle for the better, or who simply need that extra push to keep going. The ultimate goal of ITBF Shop motivational clothing is to inspire you, our customers, so that you can be an inspiration to yourselves and others.

I hope that my merchandise is successful in encouraging everyone to achieve their physical, emotional, and spiritual goals, with style to spare!