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This blog post is going to be a little more personal than usual.

I have gotten enough emails about this topic that i think i should formally address it. People have been wondering why i do what i do. Collectively, they’ve understood that its because i wanted to lose weight and be healthier but to what extent do i change my life in order to achieve my goals? They made some really interesting and valid points like “Do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on some of the joys of life? Such as food, travel, just being young”. I also got asked, “Isn’t it physically and mentally exhausting to always be thinking about food and working out?”.

This really got me thinking about how others must really feel when they are thinking about starting their journey or are already on it and are struggling to continue. Making the decision to commit to this lifestyle is not one to take lightly. There are so many factors involved and i actually had to make these decisions not so long ago. I remember thinking…well if i want to lose 10 lb. i would have to workout AT LEAST 3 days a week. If i workout 3 days a week that means that i actually have make room in my schedule for that to be possible. If i was going to change up my diet i would have to buy healthy food! This means going grocery shopping for myself when before i had it easy because my mom would do it for me. Now i had to make even more time to spend 2+ hours in the grocery store. Great. I have food but now i have to cook it, prep it, store it etc. The hours are really starting to add up. Even after all of that, there are the temptations. Getting invited out for dinner with the girls is a good example. Do i give in and get the bacon penne pasta with creamy mushroom lemon butter sauce, a glass of red wine and salted caramel and pecan cheesecake for dessert? Or do i inevitably embarrass myself and order the 4 oz. chicken breast baked not fried, seasoned without salt, double up on the steamed veggies instead of the mashed potato, rice or fries option. Wash it all down with a tall glass of water and drool quietly while your friends devour their desserts, not to mention the spinach dips and bread sticks as appetizers. What about the temptations at home? I know that just a short walk away is my kitchen that holds a whole pantry that looks like it came straight out of a candy store.

BUT WHY?????? All so that i could lose 10 lb.? It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Here's the part where i would tell you why i endure all of my pain and struggle because being healthy, makes you look and feel amazing, which is true but that's not what this blog post is about. This post is about opening up to the real struggles that i face all the time enduring this strenuous lifestyle. 

I am not perfect. I am not a robot that never craves sweets. I am not constantly excited to workout, when in fact 75% of the time i have to force myself to workout, especially if it means waking up before my alarm. Do i feel restricted? All the time! Do i always restrict myself? Hell no! My rule is i give myself something sweet every. single. day. I have such a big sweet tooth that i cannot go a whole day without a piece (or a few) of candy. Some people assumed that i cut alcohol out of my life. That is so false. No, i don’t drink as often as i used to but i do enjoy partying, seeing friends and going to clubs. When i travel, i always tell myself to eat healthy and workout while I’m there…but do i? Not really. If I’m in Italy, i want to eat as much pizza and pasta that can fit onto my plate but i make up for it by hiking, site seeing, lots and lots of walking and swimming! Every time i come back from vacation i have a new appreciate for working out and actually am more motivated than before i left. When i have a schedule I’m pretty much good to go, but what happens when i suddenly get invited to a last minute outing? I was going to spend my Sunday working out, grocery shopping and food prepping but instead i spent the day with my boyfriend and his grandparents. That's a huge day that i use for preparation, gone! Now i have to make up for all the time lost on Monday, when i have school and work to do. But do i skip the bonding moments to go to the gym? No, because I’m not a robot. I am a human that needs to prioritize what is TRULY important in that moment. 

Sometimes i envy the bikini competitors who are able to workout 3 hours a day, grocery shop for 3 hours and prep for 6 hours for however many months at a time but its only temporary for the show. No one is able to be perfect all the time and you are not suppose to be. I want to tell you i got my results from 100% dedication of clean eating and never skipping a workout but i think you would all be much happier to hear that i got my results by being committed to living a healthier life and doing the best i can with what i got. Key word: “the best”. That doesn’t mean making lots of excuses. If you are sitting in bed watching TV for the past 6 hours and you don’t want to go to the gym because you are too comfortable, that is never acceptable. That's just pure laziness and laziness will never give you the body you want. 

"We are not made to be perfect 100% of the time BUT we are made to do the best we can 100% of the time" - Ronnie Friedman

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