Upper Body Workouts

In this blog post i will periodically upload new upper body workouts that i am doing at the gym. Some may be harder than others with a little more focus on a certain muscle/body part. You can follow these workouts exactly as they are or pick and choose which you like and create your own! Make sure to warm up thoroughly before your workout and to stretch at the end of every workout to prevent injury. 

Find a weight that works for you and what you’re comfortable with. Remember, you want to challenge yourself so don’t use a weight that is too easy. You want to be fatigued by the end of each set. A good tip is try to stick around 8-12 reps of medium to heavy weight. You may feel like you want to give up before the set is finished but that is where the magic happens! If you push through the last rep or two, you will be tearing your muscles which will make them bigger and you stronger! If by the 10-12th rep you aren't tired, keep going till the last 2 reps are a struggle.

Always remember to stretch when you’re done and make sure you recover with lots of lean protein, complex carbs and veggies. The worst thing you can do is have an amazing workout and not feed your muscles when they are at their weakest.


Bicep, Shoulders, Triceps and Chest

Circuit #1 (Biceps and Shoulders)

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Lateral Raises
  3. Hammer Curls - Palms facing in as opposed to up with the typical bicep curl
  4. Shoulder Press

(Do all these exercises in a row then take a 90 second break and repeat 2 more times)

Circuit #2 (Triceps and Chest)
  1. Triceps Dips (Body Weight) Too difficult? Bend your knees to make it easier
  2. Chest Press
  3. Triceps Extension
  4. Chest Flies

(Do all these exercises in a row then take a 90 second break and repeat 2 more times)


Shoulder and Back

For this workout I did each exercise in sets of 3 using Pyramid Training. This means i went from a low weight, to a medium weight, to a high weight doing as many reps as i could for each set.

1. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
2. Dumbbell Bent Over Row
3. Upright Dumbbell Row
4. Seated Row
5. Front/Lateral Raise
6. Lat Pull Downs

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